The blog

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The blog

Welcome to ULF Metn’s new blog. This is a place where ULF Metn students can write on a range of topics, including their experiences of life at the university, campus anecdotes and tales of their personal achievements, strengthening ULF Metn ties.

It is also a platform for them to express themselves creatively and to gain exposure for their writing.

Blog posts will be shared on ULF Metn’s social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter, in order to expand the conversation and engage more ULF students about a certain topic.

We entreat students who wish to post on the blog to follow certain blogging etiquette. Slanderous or insulting content will not be published and the blog will be strictly monitored to ensure that the blog and debates which ensue from blog posts remain a safe-space for all members of the ULF Metn community.