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press review
18 Sep 2014

“Every Student Has the Right to an Education of Superior Quality at an Affordable Price"

The Université Libano-Française is launching a new campus in Metn. Admissions are currently open, with classes to begin in October.

At the origin of this new Institution is a dream: the dream to create a place where students can learn and grow personally and professionally.

This dream has made perfect sense with the development policy of the University and was inspired by Dr. Joseph Semaan, Vice-President of ULF and Director of ULF Metn. He has always been passionate about education and learning, and strongly believes that education is a human right, which every student deserves.

Dr. Salhab founded the Université Libano-Française (ULF) in 1996. It is recognized by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and has four campuses located in Koura, Tripoli, Chtaura, and now in Dik el Mehdi (Metn). A fifth campus is scheduled to open in the near future in Clemenceau. Courses are taught in English or French, depending on the student’s preference.

ULF is a member of the prestigious Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF). Due to this partnership, it is recognized in France, the U.S. and Canada.

“ULF Metn’s mission is to ensure a high level of teaching at an affordable cost and to help every student build the brightest future possible,” Dr. Semaan explains. “Our Institution focuses on academic excellence. The search for quality is central to all our decisions. We strive towards the personal success of our students and their insertion into the society of the 21st century.”

“We live in a corporate world”

We have visited ULF’s new campus in Metn. The Campus is particularly spacious, with lots of beautiful greenery. “We want to offer our students the opportunity to learn in an exceptional environment. It is essential as it allows them to stay concentrated and motivated, to relax and combat any stress.”

ULF Metn equally focuses on academic excellence and innovation. “We live in a corporate world”, Dr. Semaan continues. “We integrate this element into the students’ study path, so that they do not only learn theories but are also able to apply them. In this manner, they can prepare themselves for the real world, familiarizing themselves as early as possible with its expectations, constraints and demands. That’s why we guide them in self-awareness, career exploration, internships, networking and employment opportunities. They can also benefit from our international exchange programs with prestigious universities in France and Canada.”

In France, ULF has partnerships with Claude Bernard University-Lyon, Saint-Etienne University, University of Montpellier, Paul Sabatier University-Toulouse, University of Technology at Belfort and Montbéliard, National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, Higher Institute for Advanced Technologies of Saint-Etienne, and University of Evry Val-d’Essonne. In Canada, it is affiliated with the University of Public Administration-Quebec.

“Every student must be able to go out there and experience other cultures, meet different people, and discover new ways of learning. We live in a cosmopolitan world”, Dr. Semaan says. “It is very important for students to be exposed to cultural vitality.”

ULF Metn’s Orientation Team and Administrative Crew are young but experienced. “Students feel more at ease talking to an advisor close to their age,” the Director of the University explains. It is in this vein that ULF Metn has created an Orientation Hall, an example of modern architecture with a dynamic and welcoming décor. “The idea is to offer students a place where they are welcomed by a friendly staff with whom they can talk, discuss and express even stronger emotions freely. We know only too well that adolescence can be a very difficult period. Our young people can sometimes feel lost, overwhelmed by the obstacles presented to them. The Orientation Team at ULF Metn will always be there for them.”

A key element in the development of the region

This resolutely modern University adopts a personalized approach with its students. “Our main goal is to be in a position to understand our students, to build and maintain a relationship of trust with them, so that they feel free to share their concerns. We want to know each one of them. It is what allows us to assist and guide them as efficiently as possible.”

In the long run, ULF Metn aims to become a key factor in the economic, social, and cultural development of the Metn area. It plans to open new faculties in the future, in addition to the existing Faculty of Business, Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, and Faculty of Arts. Dr. Semaan is particularly aware of the economic reality and its repercussions on younger generations. “We are highly conscious that the current economic situation means many parents are obliged to rely on scholarships. We want every student to be able to benefit from an education of superior quality. It is an investment for the future. It is for this reason that we have decided to lower the tuition fees to mark the inauguration of our new campus.”

“Ultimately, our students’ success is our success”

For the Team at ULF Metn, the role of the University is not limited to assisting the student just until graduation. “Once our students have graduated, our objective is to see them obtain positions that will help them launch their professional careers successfully. At the end of the day, their success is our success,” Dr. Semaan states, insisting here on the importance of internships. ULF Metn has woven a close professional network with a number of companies, so that its students can discover the reality of the corporate world through completing internships in parallel with their University courses.

And because leisure is essential for a healthy balanced life, students can make use of the many facilities on Campus: a basketball court, a dance studio, a gym, and a leisure space reserved for Ping-Pong or pool lovers. A funky and cozy cafeteria is there to satisfy the little hungers. Numerous green spaces welcome students to catch up with friends between classes. And of course, there is an excellent Wi-Fi connection everywhere on Campus!

ULF Metn’s concern for the well-being of its students is not constrained to the University walls. Dr. Semaan explains how they have given much thought to the students’ safety when making the journey to the Campus every day. “We decided to provide a free shuttle service from/to Dbayeh and Bikfaya highways at designated stops.” This is a definite advantage at a time when the cost of transport is ever increasing.

In short, ULF Metn had every detail thought of!

When Dr. Joseph Semaan realized his dream of opening a University in his beloved Metn region, he gave students the opportunity to realize theirs. “Yes, we want our students to benefit from a dynamic and interactive atmosphere where they can learn while having a bit of fun, fulfill their ambitions and face all challenges with confidence,” he concludes.